Divetech Marine performed underwater hull cleaning and CCTV inspection for Motor Tanker CHRYSANTHEMUM

We are pleased to inform that our team of dedicated and experienced divers were once again carefully selected by the Owners LYRAS MARITIME LIMITED who are based in London to perform an underwater operation on their vessel – Motor Tanker CHRYSANTHEMUM, LOA 244, GRT 57281, 105,187 Dwt.

Prior confirming the work to us, the Owners have short listed 5 local diving companies in SINGAPORE and have stringently studied thru the back grounds and track records of each company. We thanked them for the confidence and trust in our company’s abilities and competencies to meet their high expectation and requirements.

On 26th January 2017, our team of 8 divers left base at 0630 hrs and attended to subject vessel in Singapore Port at Eastern Special Purpose Anchorage to carry out the Underwater inspection in the present of Owners Superintendent who witness the hull fouling condition via a closed circuit TV monitor on board our diving work boat “Divetech Victory”. Divers were able to show clearly the various fouling taking place on all parts of the submerged hull to the Owners Superintendent. Slime and Sea Algae were noted on the shell plating about 80% on the vertical side and 10% on the flat bottom. The paint coating applied during the last drydocked was CMP Seaflo Neo SL antifouling coating while on the propeller and rudder areas were specially coated with silicone paint, the fouling observed was 20% to 80% of slime.

Upon completion of the underwater CCTV inspection, the Owners Superintendent discussed with our Diving Supervisor on board for the next phase of the underwater operation which is the hull cleaning to remove off the marine fouling. Our Supervisor explained the various cleaning brushes that we have on board our dive boat for different type of marine fouling. We have Hard Knockers with steel bristles for heavy barnacles growth of more than 2cm, Normal steel bristles for minor barnacles, Polypropelene bristles for sea algae and slime, very soft polyuethlene bristles for dedicated silicone paint coating.

For the subject vessel MT CHRYSANTHEMUM, Polypropelene bristles brushes for the vertical sides and the flat bottom and the very soft polyethelene bristles for the silicone paint coated propeller blades and rudder were the most appropriate brushes to deploy.

With the cleaning machines affixed with the appropriate brushes being deployed, the cleaning of the vertical sides and flat bottom, propeller blades and rudder were completed in 8 hrs.

We have 11 cleaning machines which have been upgraded for improved efficiency and performance by our in house R&D engineers. They are routinely serviced and checked by our workshop engineers and any parts not meeting the tolerances are replaced with new parts. It is our company policy that we don’t take chances since any breakdown of the machines during the cleaning operation will result in unnecessary delay to ships schedule which we are very mindful about.

After the hull cleaning on subject ship was completed, another round of CCTV inspection was conducted for the Owners superintendent to see the results of the cleaning. All areas were meticulously and slowly shown by underwater CCTV camera. The Owners Superintendent was more than happy with the very good job carried out by our team of divers. Great job Guys!

The vessel ship’s speed were monitored during her departure from Singapore Port and a speed of 15 -16.1 knots were recorded against an average of 13 knots.


The vessel ship’s speed after her departure from Singapore Port

Vertical sides – before and after cleaning

Flat Bottom – before and after cleaning

Bilge Keels – before and after cleaning

Sea Chest Gratings – before and after cleaning

Rudder Shell Plating (silicone coated) – before and after cleaning

Propeller blades (silicone coated) – before and after cleaning

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