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IRM Services

Still Photography Inspections

Underwater inspections of a vessel’s hull are periodically required for ship owners and/or operators to ascertain her condition, and to ensure she is sea-worthy.

Divetech Marine provides detailed ship hull inspections through still photography. These images are accompanied by a full, comprehensive report with detailed write-ups and assessments on the condition of a ship’s undercarriage, including but not limted to her hull, bow thrusters, rudder and propellers.

CCTV Inspections
Should live real-time underwater CCTV inspections be required, Divetech Marine is fully equipped to do so – having 9 different classification accreditations (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, KR, LR, NKK, RINA, IRS) to perform such underwater inspections for various classification societies of ocean-going vessels, including offshore rigs / platforms.

Equipped with the necessary diving equipment, latest underwater video cameras and 2-way communication devices, we are able to perform UWILD (Underwater Inspection In-Lieu of Drydocking) operations for the following purposes:

  • Sales and Purchase
  • Damage Inspections
  • Condition Surveys
  • Ascertaining critical measurements (Tail shaft wear, rudder pintle clearances, etc.,)

Following each inspection, a comprehensive report with detailed write ups will be submitted to our clients. Digital footage of such inspections together with accompanying diver commentary (in English) will also be provided.

Hull Cleaning

Keeping your vessels operating at optimum efficiency is a key priority, and hull cleaning is an integral part of that process. Regular cleaning ensures that your ships’ hulls are free of marine fouling which accumulate over time, breaking the vessels’ streamline contours and increase resistance. This in turn increases bunker consumption and increases costs to the operator.

Divetech Marine provides full hull cleaning services, complete with our hydraulic powered cleaning tools. Our improved and modified Hull Cleaning Machine is able to clean areas at up to 2,000m2 per hour and removes stubborn marine growth on the vertical sides and flat bottom of a ship without affecting her external paint coating.

Propeller Polishing

Similar to hull cleaning, having a well maintained propeller is crucial to a vessel’s performance. Being submerged, a propeller is susceptible to the same marine foulage that affects the hull. Consequences of an ill-maintained propeller include a decrease in propeller operating efficiency leading to increased fuel consumption and undesirable vibrations to the shaftings and engines on board the ship.

Divetech Marine utilizes hydraulic polishers mounted on various 3M pads for our propeller polishing operations. We are proud of the fact that propellers that undergo our polishing process achieve an A-grade on the Rubert comparator scale with a mirror-like finish.

Propeller Trimming and Balancing

A seafaring vessel’s propellers occasionally take damage when striking submerged objects. The resulting damage may then induce vibrations which in turn damages the vessel’s stern tube seals and propeller shaft bearings.

We routinely assist our clients to conduct propeller trimming operations where our experienced divers accurately measure and crop off damaged areas of the propeller blades as well as their opposite ends to maintain optimal balance. The cropped blades are finished with grinding and smoothening to eliminate the risk of future cracks on the repaired regions.

Welding of Doubler Plates

Submerged objects may also peforate a ship’s hull. Such damage if not addressed professionally and expediently may result in further tears on the hull which have significant safety implications that can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Our Class Approved divers are able to respond quickly to crop and remove damaged sections of the hull and weld on new doubler plates over the affected region to restore the integrity of the ship’s hull.

Installation and Removal of cofferdam/ Blanks/ Plugs

Repairs such as the welding of plates, changing of valves and other works are routinely conducted from inside the vessel.

Our services include the fabrication, installation and removal of cofferdams, blanks and plugs to facilitate such repairs on board.

Removal & Installation of Transducers/ Speed Logs/ Echo Sounders/ Rope Guards/ Rope Cutters/ Sacrificial Anodes/ Sea Chest Gratings

Divetech Marine’s team of divers also have a wide array of experience and expertise performing the following underwater operations for our clients:

  •  Safe removal and reinstallation of highly sensitive equipment such as transducers, speed logs and echo sounders, which require renewal as specified by the equipment manufacturers
  •  Installation of rope guards and rope cutters to protect the integrity of the stern tube and propeller from entanglements with fishing nets and/or ropes
  •  Replacement of sacrificial anodes and sea chest gratings on vessel hulls