Divetech Marine performed underwater CCTV and photographic inspection for M/V OVATION OF THE SEAS

Divetech Marine, in joint collaboration with Mirae Ocean Technology (“MOT”), a ship design consulting and marine engineering company based in Korea, performed underwater CCTV and photographic inspection of paint condition for cruise ship, OVATION OF THE SEAS (LOA 348) in full compliance with International Paint inspection guidelines.

On 15th March 2017, our team of 9 divers left base at 0630 hrs and attended to subject vessel in Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Divetech Marine carried out thorough safety and toolbox meetings together with the vessel’s captain, chief engineer and involved representative from MOT and made sure that the work scopes were clear and the necessary safety measures were in place.

Visibility tests was carried out before commencing the main inspection. Photos were taken at distances of 1.0M, 0.5M and 0.3M perpendicular to main hull. Photographs are taken at 1.0M, 0.5M and 0.3M when the visibility underwater is clear, moderate and poor respectively.

Upon completion of visibility test, underwater inspection commenced in the presence of Ship’s Master, MOT representative and builder representatives to witness the hull coating and fouling conditions via the HD CCTV monitor on board our diving vessel “Divetech Valiant”.  All areas of the ship hull were covered meticulously and shown in great detail with still-photographs being taken concurrently by divers to capture all the salient points of the inspection.

After the operations, detailed photographic and CCTV video reports were provided to the client.

Divetech Marine is grateful for the confidence and trust clients have with the company’s capabilities and competencies and would like to thank all parties who have in one way or another assisted us to make this operation possible.


Visibility Test

1.0m away from VS shell 0.5m away from VS shell 0.3m away from VS shell

Fouling Condition

Port vertical side (section 1)

Top Middle Bottom

Starboard vertical side (section 1)

Top Middle Bottom

Flat bottom

Point 1 Point 2 Point 3

Before and After Hand-Cleaning

Before After

Bilge keel

Sea Chest Gratings

Propeller blades

Divers at Work 

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