Vessel Optimisation

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Vessel Optimisation

Voyage Management Suite

Superior operational expertise, Enhanced Cost Efficiencies and Service Innovation

Divetech Marine Services together with Dubai headquartered partner offers an On-Demand Voyage Management System that plays a key role in driving bottom-line efficiencies and has a proven track record of strong performance in managing a large fleet of Bulk carriers and Tankers across the globe.

CP Performance & Claims Management

Helping you to "de-risk" the CP Performance and Claims Management process, so you can focus on what matters most to you - your business.

Cathodic Protection (CP) Performance and Claims are part and parcel of every shipping operation where organsations spend a significant amout of time and resources on.

We understand the challenges and nuances of assessing and navigating these performance matters and claims, and are committed to giving our clients the peace of mind by “de-risking” this process. Supported by an experienced in-house legal team and in-sync with industry interpretations of various performance clauses in different Charter Party agreements, we are able to manage the complete Performance claim handling process for our customers. To date, our success ratio is settling and defending underperformance claims stands at a whopping 85%.

Services for this include:

  • Deviation Monitoring of vessels
  • Claims support

Vessel Performance Management

A simple, reliable and actionable end-to-end Vessel performance management services to Vessel Operators, Charterers and Ship-owners

Whether in a rush to deliver cargo or to be able to make a swift business decision with peace of mind, we got you covered.

We currently analyse in excess of 240 vessels for Pool distributions, Time Charter and relet voyages where any outlying triggers in speed and consumption are communicated to the Operations team in real time. Vessels under assessment also have their periodic performance evaluated and the associated commercial impact assessed and reported quarterly.

Services include:

  • Live weather data with DTN
  • Traffic light system
  • KPIs and alarms to identify focus areas
  • Ship specific model based on techno-economical analysis
  • Identification and periodical reports for Hull and Engine losses
  • Ship design and time degradation curves
  • Hull paint coating degradation analysis

Emission Management

Active monitoring that ensures that shipping and our world continues to exist for many more generations to come

As the world develops, the effects of Global Warming has been more keenly felt. Aside from doing our part for the environment sustainability, we are able to save you monies and inefficiencies by managing your emission levels.

Our in-house emissions platform provides:

  • an assessment and reporting on Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (“EEOI”) and Carbon Intensity Indicators
  • Nitrogen oxides (“NOx”), Sulphur oxides (“SOx”) and Particle Matter (“PM”) emissions monitoring in-built
  • Periodic tailor-made reporting per clients climate alignment goals
  • Data reporting as per IMO DCS and EU MRV regimes