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Services – Ship Repair

Propeller trimming and balancing
During the course of her voyage, submerge objects may cause damage to a ship’s propeller blades. These damaged blades transmit vibrations which in turn causes damages to a ship’s stern tube seals and propeller shaft bearings.
Divetech Marine assists to provide propeller trimming services where divers will measure and crop off damaged areas of the propeller blades and their opposite ends for the balancing of the propeller.
Welding of doubler plates

During the course of her voyage, submerged objects may perforate a ship’s hull. A perforated hull not arrested may result in further tears that lead to catastrophic consequences.

Divetech Marine provides divers to cut and remove damaged sections of a ship hull, welding on a new doubler plates over the entire region.

 Installation and removal of cofferdam / blanks / plugs

Ship owners often request for repairs such as welding of plates, changing of valves and other works to be conducted from inside the vessel.

Divetech Marine provides the installation and removal of cofferdams, blanks and plugs to facilitate repairs on board.

Removal & installation of transducers / speed logs / echo sounders / rope guards / rope cutters / sacrificial anodes / sea chest gratings

Navigational equipment on board the vessel such as transducers, speed logs and echo sounders require renewal as specified by the equipment manufacturer. Divetech Marine deploys divers in the safe removal and reinstallation of the highly sensitive equipment.

During the course of her voyage, the incidences of fishing nets and rope being entangled in the ship’s propeller is not uncommon. Divetech Marine provides divers for the installation of rope guards and rope cutters to protect the integrity of the stern tube and propeller.

Divers also assist in the replacement of sacrificial anodes and sea chest gratings on the hull of the vessel.

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