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Services – Ship Maintenance

Still photography inspections

From time to time, ship owners request for underwater inspections of their vessel’s hull to ascertain her condition and to ensure that she is sea worthy for the transportation of cargo.

Divetech Marine assists in providing these ship hull inspections. A full report with photographs and detailed write-ups on the condition of a ship’s hull, bow thrusters, rudder, propellers amongst others, will be delivered to clients at the end of the inspection.

CCTV inspections

Divetech Marine is also able to perform underwater real time CCTV inspections. We are accredited by 10 classification societies namely (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, Lloyds, NKK, RINA, BKI) to perform underwater CCTV inspections for and on behalf of class on ocean going vessels, rigs, etc.

The divers are equipped with the necessary diving tools aided with the latest underwater video cameras and 2 – way communication to capture the real time images for the following purposes.

UWILD (Underwater inspection in lieu of drydocking) /extension of dry docking
Sales and Purchase
Damaged Inspections
Condition Surveys
Ascertaining critical measurements (Tail shaft wear-down, rudder pintle clearances, etc)

A comprehensive photographic report with detailed write up will be submitted to the clients upon completion of the inspection. Digital footage of the inspections with diver’s commentary in English will also be delivered to clients.

Hull Cleaning

Ship hulls are fouled with various forms of marine growth as they remain idle in tropical waters. These marine growths break the streamline contours of the vessel due to the increased surface resistance. Hence this inefficiency will result in increase bunker consumption and decrease in speed during the vessel’s voyage.

Divetech Marine assists in providing full hull cleaning services with our hydraulically powered cleaning tools. Our improved and modified brush kart is able to clean areas of up to 2000m² per hour and removes stubborn marine growth on the vertical sides and flat bottom of a ship without affecting her external paint coating.

Propeller Polishing
A submerged propeller is susceptible to similar marine growth that fouls a ship hull. These marine growths decrease propeller efficiencies and produces undesirable vibrations to the ship.
Divetech Marine assists to provide propeller polishing with our hydraulic polishers mounted with various 3M pads. When done, propellers achieve an “A” grade on the Rubert comparator scale or a mirror like finish.
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