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The Straits Times feature: Divetech Marine’s foray into robotics to boost safety and productivity

Singapore, September 09, 2013 : Divetech Marine ventures into robotics to boost safety and staff productivity with the newly developed ROBO Hull Cleaner.

The ROBO Hull Cleaner or Remotely Operated Brush Orbiting Hull Cleaner is a fully autonomous hull cleaning machine that is operated by an operator on board the diving boat or ship without the need of divers entering the water.

With Divetech Marine placing her divers’ safety as a first priority, ship maintenance operations in strong currents and at night when the visibility underwater is poor was previously not possible. The ROBO Hull Cleaner, which can operate in currents of up to 3 knots and go to depths of up to 50m, has helped overcome these restrictions.

The ROBO Hull Cleaner was developed with the support of 2 key partners: The Marine and Offshore Technology Centre of Innovation at Ngee Ann Polytechnic which provided the engineering expertise and oversaw the machine’s development and SPRING Singapore which served as a beacon and bridge, linking the Company to relevant parties as well as assisting with the project’s funding.

With the introduction of the ROBO Hull Cleaner, Divetech Marine hopes to attract young educated Singaporeans to the Marine sector and to collaborate with interested parties to further boost the technology scene in Singapore and bring this technology to the international arena.

The original full article was published on The Straits Times – Monday, September 9, 2013.

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