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Divetech Marine boasts a young fleet of 6 fully equipped diving vessels with OPL capabilities. These boats are equipped with sophisticated built-in hydraulic equipment with electronics to in order to execute a wide array of diving operations with ease.

Hull Cleaning Machine

Divetech Marine has full suite of hull cleaning systems. All hull cleaning machines are also mounted with a custom manufactured underwater lighting system to augment visibility underwater during operations for full coverage of hull bottom cleaning.

The other important half of the hull cleaning machine are the brushes that are deployed. Divetech Marine has an assorted range of cleaning brushes which can be mounted on the hull cleaning machines and can be changed at any time to meet all types of marine  fouling and various coatings of paint on a ship hull.

Divetech Marine is also one of the few vendors in the world that have been certified by AkzoNobel International Paint, to a level of Stage 3 which saw that our dive teams had successfully performed cleaning on delicate silicon based coatings for a vessel without any damages noted to the coating as assessed under microscope and other array of tests after a 6 month sailing period on the same vessel.

Self-Propelled Hydraulic Brushes and Polishers

Divetech Marine has self-propelled hydraulic brushes and self-propelled hydraulic polishers. Capable of rotating in both directions, these hydraulic brush and polishing sets accommodate a various of brushes / abrasives / and polishing pads that remove all types of marine fouling on the propeller blades and to restore the propeller blades to a mirror like finish (Rubert comparator scale grade “A” or 1 Micron)

Closed Circuit Television System (“CCTV”)

Divetech Marine has complete sets of underwater CCTV systems, including portable CCTV systems, that allow for the execution of real time underwater inspections with commentary by the surveying diver.

Owners, superintendents, buyers representative and surveyors are able to witness the diving operation on the TV monitor, on board our diving boats and able to liaise with the diver on the 2-way communication set at all time.

Diving Air Panels

Divetech Marine adopts surface supplied diving in accordance with the latest Singapore Approved Code of Practice, SS511:2018, and has in-house designed and built IMCA Compliant three diver air panel systems.

These air panel systems allow for up to 2 divers to perform work concurrently in the water with a back-up standby diver at the surface to intervene in case of emergency.

Underwater Diving Helmets

Divetech Marine utilises robust and reliable equipment – Kirby Morgan 18s and 37s and 2/3 diver communication equipment with full PMS / maintenance records.

These well-maintained equipment boosts safety and morale of the dive team, knowing that they can work safely underwater and can focus on the performing their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Machinery Van

Divetech Marine has ready to deploy 20ft Containerised Machinery Vans, consisting of high capacity HP and LP compressors, as well as a hydraulic power pack for tooling.

Decompression Chamber

Divetech Marine has ready to deploy Containerised 1.8m diameter twin-lock decompression chambers, with redundancy Air/O2 control panels, internal CCTV surveillance, and 2-way speaker and phone system to communicate with the personnel within the chamber.

Underwater cutting and welding equipment

Divetech Marine has complete sets of Broco underwater welding and cutting systems to carry out underwater anode replacement / plate renewal and other repair works.

Divetech Marine has also complete sets of hydraulic cutters, drills, and grinders to perform complicated underwater propeller blades cutting and repairs for the vessels.

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