Divetech Marine performed underwater hull cleaning for Container Ship with dense fouling of 10-15cm thick

Upon arrival at Singapore Eastern Working Anchorage, divers and coordinators from Divetech Marine carried out the routine safety and toolbox meetings with the vessel Captain and Chief Engineer to clarifying the work scope for the day as well as to ensure that the relevant intake systems and propulsion systems were isolated.

M/V Stadt Koln with an LOA of 222m, was in lay up since last year. As a result, the shell platings were found to be 100% fouled with various types of marine growth, including acorn barnacles, oysters and more. These fouling thickness averaged from 10 to 15cm in height!

Marine growth form on a vessel’s hull owing to a multitude of reasons. Amongst them, are the vessels trading patterns, the climate of waters the vessel piles in and also the type and condition of paint coatings used on a vessel’s hull. The marine growth distorts the steam-lined shape of the vessel’s hull and increases the drag forces acting on the vessel. Ultimately, resulting in more bunkers being consumed and an overworked engine to meet port schedules.

With the fouling being so dense and thick, Divetech Marine mobilised additional diving vessels and teams to carry out simultaneous cleaning of the vessel from both port and starboard sides. With the ability to run 4 of our in-house hull cleaning machines and polishers, the cleaning of the whole vessel was completed in 2 days.

Once again, the result was a happy client and an engagement safely completed.

Vessel was found with thick fouling measuring from 10-15cm in thickness

Vertical Sides – before and after cleaning

Flat Bottom – before and after cleaning

Propeller Blades – before and after polishing

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