Divetech Marine performed underwater twin-screw propellers polishing for Passenger/Cruise Ship

Cruise ship Costa Luminosa was berthed at the Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Centre with a short stop-over at the sunny island for her passengers. With all cruise liners, meeting port schedules are of paramount importance. In preparation for a smooth and efficient performance of the vessel on her next voyage, the polishing of twin screw propellers were ordered.

A vessel’s propellers, just like her shell plating, is susceptible to the marine growth. Even the light growth such as slime and stain deposits can also cause a reduction in propulsion efficiency. On Costa Luminosa, the twin screw propellers were found 60% fouled with slime and stain deposits.

Dive teams from Divetech Marine liaised closely with the authorities from the port as well as that of the cruise centre, vessel Captain and Chief Engineer for an on time performance of underwater propeller polishing the vessel’s submerged propellers.

Equipped with our vessel in built hydraulic power packs, multiple polishers, underwater cameras and all necessary diving equipment, divers were able to complete the polishing of 2 propellers within 1.5 hours, restoring the propellers to her original condition with a mirror like finish.

To maintain a vessel’s optimal performance, Divetech Marine recommends propeller polishing to be performed on vessels on a biannual (6 months) basis to maintain the surface of propeller blades in smooth and foul-free condition.

Another on time delivery of swift and quality services. Divetech Marine would like thank all parties who have in one way or another assisted us in the operation.

Propeller Blades – before polishing Propeller Blades – after polishing

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