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Divetech Marine successfully completes the removal of 3 azimuth Rolls Royce thrusters for drillship BELFORD DOLPHIN

Singapore, August 02, 2015

Divers and coordinators from Divetech Marine through close discussions with clients Dolphin Drilling, strand jack operators Technodive AS, thruster engineers Rolls Royce, Crystal Offshore Pte Ltd and Singapore Salvage Engineers Pte Ltd, formulated dive plans and carried out the removal of 3 azimuth Rolls Royce thrusters at ATTV 2 Anchorage.

With short tidal slack coupled with strong winds experienced at site, divers had to be effective and swift with their work. Divers first proceeded to clean all torpedo pipes to ensure that the strand jack anchors movements would not be hindered.

Divers then coordinated with diving supervisor and project manager from Technodive on the lowering of strand jack anchors to the lifting pad eyes on the thruster before connecting and securing all these strand jack anchors to the thruster. Thereafter, divers rigged and connected the main lifting shackle to the lifting pad eye on the thruster before lifting operations to extract the thruster commenced.

As a final step, divers assisted to disconnect the strand jack anchors, allowing for the thruster to be extracted out of the water and lifted onto deck.

With a complete suite of dive systems on board and necessary tools to assist in the diving operations, divers completed operations safely with minimum down time with no/little decompression time.

Another satisfied customer and a safe return for all diving personnel.

Divetech Marine would like to thank all parties who have in one way or another assisted us in the operation.

Alexis (pictured below), Divetech Marine’s representative, with the extracted thruster


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