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Divetech Marine successfully completed removal of turtle gratings, hull cleaning and propeller polishing for RO-RO/Passenger Ship SILJA EUROPA 06/01/2016


Singapore, January 05 & 06, 2016: Divetech Marine did underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing and removal of turtle grates for M/V SILJA EUROPA

Upon arrival at the said vessel which was anchored at Singapore Western Working Anchorage, divers and coordinators from Divetech Marine liaised closely with Captain and Chief Engineer of M/V SILJA EUROPA (LOA 202m) to carry out permanent removal of 4 turtle gratings, polishing of twin-screw propeller and hull cleaning for said vessel.

M/V SILJA EUROPA was installed with 4 turtle gratings which required to be removed as per client’s request. Basis the information and drawings from client, these 4 turtle gratings installed at the A/C, A/E, M/E and emergency fire pump sea chests were extremely huge and heavy – small turtle grating (1 in no.) with measurement 3320mm X 2700m, weighing approximately 257kg, and large turtle grating (3 in no.) with measurement 7320mm X 2980mm, each weighing approximately 617kg respectively. Hundreds of bolts and nuts from these 4 turtle gratings were removed by the divers, along with the underwater cutting of metal angle bars.

The vessel was also noted with heavy fouling especially at the flat bottom with growth up to 7cm in height – hull cleaning of the submerged hull area and propeller polishing were then performed concurrently with removal of turtle gratings.

Barnacles and other marine growth form on a vessel’s hull owing to a multitude of reasons which include, how often the vessel is trading, the climate of waters that the vessel plies and also the condition of anti-fouling paint on the vessel’s hull, amongst other reasons. These marine growth distorts the streamline shape of the vessel’s hull and increases the drag forces acting on the vessel, ultimately resulting in more bunkers being consumed and a drastic reduction in ship’s speed.

Our operations personnel had deemed the above work to take at least 4 daylight days to complete in view of the extensive work required to remove the turtle gratings. However in order to assist our clients as vessel is facing a very tight schedule, we have mobilized out 4 diving boats with diving teams, equipped with our hull cleaning machines, hydraulic power pack, polishers, hydraulic cutters, underwater cameras and all necessary diving equipment to perform all the above work.

The result: All the above work was hence completed within 1.5 daylight days. Sailing speed of said vessel was increased from 15 knots prior to cleaning to 21 knots after cleaning.

Yet another assignment carried out by Divetech Marine. We thank all parties who have in one way or another assisted us in the operations.




Before removal of turtle gratings


After removal of turtle gratings

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