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Divetech Marine did underwater hull cleaning for Oil Product Tanker in laid up condition heavily fouled with stubborn fouling of 4-7cm thick 01/01/2016


Singapore, January 01, 2016: Divetech Marine did hull cleaning for M/T NORDIC SATURN

Upon arrival at the said vessel which was anchored at Singapore Eastern Petroleum Anchorage ‘A’, divers and coordinators from Divetech Marine liaised closely with the Captain and Chief Engineer of NORDIC SATURN (LOA 244m) to carry out underwater hull cleaning to remove marine growth for the vessel.

M/T NORDIC SATURN: the shell plating at vertical sides were found 100% covered with extremely thick acorn barnacles and other marine growth up to 4-7 centimetres in height. Flat bottom however, was noted only approximately 40% fouled.

Barnacles and other marine growth form on a vessel’s hull owing to a multitude of reasons which include, how often the vessel is trading, the climate of waters that the vessel plies and also the condition of anti-fouling paint on the vessel’s hull, amongst other reasons. These marine growth distorts the streamline shape of the vessel’s hull and increases the drag forces acting on the vessel, ultimately resulting in more bunkers being consumed and a drastic reduction in ship’s speed.

Equipped with our Hull Cleaning Machines, underwater cameras and all necessary diving equipment, divers with diving boat were mobilized to clean the full vessel submerged hull which carried over 2 days.

The result: A clean vessel to our client with an increase of sailing speed from 8 knots prior to cleaning to an impressive 16 knots after cleaning. In spite cleaning could not be fully completed at the stern frame and rudder due to subject vessel’s schedule and our pre-committed vessels on the third day, our divers had successfully performed work to our clients’ satisfactory.

Yet another assignment carried out by Divetech Marine. We thank all parties who have in one way or another assisted us in the operations.


Barnacle samples with thickness of approximately 4-7cm


Vertical Sides – before cleaning


Vertical Sides – after cleaning

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